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October 20, 2018, 06:37:09 pm
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QB64 Basics Chapt 1

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Author Topic: QB64 Basics Chapt 1  (Read 966 times)
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« on: July 22, 2011, 08:12:28 am »

In the previous thread, I refered to q-basics ,chapt 1...This comeing week, I am going to go
over more basics, of qb64,...I have to run now, for work, but anyway the topic is started,....
 Ok, It seems like a fine line, between qbasic and qb64, most, if not all of the commands,
and code used in qbasic, seems to also work in qb64,..howver with qb64 there are new commands,
many of which make it more versatile, and easier to use,and more powerful .
On thing very clear, is the beginners code, the basic code, is still qbasic, We are useing qb64, as the compiler, so it is qb64,..These "lessons" are for a beginner, that knows practicaly nothing of either, qbasics, or qb64, like me, or like I was,
 I still don't know very much,...but in the next few weeks, I will share and try to explain as much as I can, about the little I know,..and how I learned it. Hopefully it helps someone else,...There is lots of tutorials, and demos,lessons, discussions, on more advanced codeing, through out the forum, for those that are more advanced.
 Well I had written a little more ,but a problem with this editor, and I lost part,..
 My biggest mistake, when I first started learnig about programming, was getting into things way above my head, the idea of these following threads is to take it a little bit at a time,...step by step, day by day, week by week,..for those that want to get into more advanced things , faster, look at the many lessons, tutorials, demos, on this forum , Oldoslover,Unseen,Dusty,Quark, and other members have posted many useful ones,... and also, "READ THE WIKI!" , which was some of the best advice ever given me.
The qb64 Wiki
Guess thats about it  for the introduction,..
from Garry
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« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2011, 08:21:44 pm »

Here is a little code, that is kind of fun, I enjoyed it,...it compiles fine useing qb64, but is pretty much just qbasic, still,...
A new command is used.   SOUND instead of play,...
SOUND click for more details. Eventualy, we will be going into more ways, to do sounds, Play being the most simple, there is also a way to load a midi or wav file, and another command _snddraw ,..but we will go into them later.
PRINT "Code taken from Ted Weisenburgers, q-basics Chapt 2,part 3"
PRINT "Count = "; amount%; "bags"
For row% = 2 to 27
Locate row%,28
COLOR 13: PRINT "the sky is falling!"
SOUND (2000/ row%),1  '//creates a slight delay and plays a sound
Locate row% - 1,28
PRINT SPACE$(19)'//The PRINT SPACE$(19) erases the previous line when a new line is printed.
NEXT row%
  If  you have any trouble with this code, let me know, it works fine, on qb64 and my computer, BUT, be careful, that you type it correctly, or if you copy and paste it,...make sure you get it all, these are the most common causes of errors for me, typos, or if I copy and paste something, some times I have missed a line, and it dose not work,... Also I forgot, and if you are just starting, you may not know this, uasully you can select all the code, then "copy", then paste into note pad, or directly into the qb64 editor/ide, if you have it runing,...if you use note pad, be sure, to save it as a .bas, so you can then open it with qb64,...You can also save it as a txt file, and when you  copy and paste it into the qb64 editor,...if you save it , it saves as a .bas automatically,... Guess thats about it,
from Garry
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